Men's Breast Cancer

     This is just a reminder that men also need to be diligent about breast self exams. Men get breast cancer too. photo credit: georgeogoodman via photopin cc

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New Study on Breast Cancer Treatment

     Research was done at Duke University on women who had early stage breast cancer and they found that those who had lumpectomies and radiation were 14% more likely to live than those that had complete mastectomies. More study is needed to understand why this is, however this idea offers more hope to those who are inflicted.

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New Bra

     Having one extremely stretched out old bra that was way too small and a new one that is the right cup size but the wrong chest size, I've been going bra less and trying to stay indoors. When I would go out I just covered myself up with a large jacket so no one could see.
     Not only am I large breasted but I'm over 50 so you could guess where they hang bra less. I can't complain of back pain because of them I just know they're heavy and in the way.
      Well I placed another order for a bra and a bounce less sports bra in the correct sizes. I was shocked when I tried the bra on. The second I put it on and snapped up the seven front hooks I immediately felt such relief and a great sensation of weight being taken off me. I couldn't believe a good bra could feel so wonderful! I felt like a new woman, not to mention how much better I looked. They're up at least a foot higher now!

      I still say if you are large breasted, and I'm not talking about DD's, you cannot measure yourself the way all these bra "experts" suggest. You've got to try them on till you find one that will hold your whole breast up high with enough strength so it doesn't crawl up your back while you're wearing it.

     The relief you will feel is worth the extra effort. I ordered mine from Just My Size.

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How Do They Know?

     My grandson is about 16 months old now. When he was an infant just a few months old, he attempted several times to latch onto mine and my daughters breast when we held him. The thing is that she never breastfed him or even tried.

     I assume this is just a natural response on his part. It just surprised us that he would know instinctively what they were for in his world. Something to think about, huh?

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