Exercise And Correct Bra Size

     Believe it or not, the University of Portsmouth in the UK has a breast biomechanics team and they have been studying the movement of breasts during exercise. As it turns out the breasts move quite a bit in all directions independent of the body, sort of like a figure eight.

     Sports bras, tend to only cut down the vertical movement but not the other directions so the breasts are constantly being pulled and the delicate and important ligaments are being stretched. Your breasts have a main ligament and once it gets stretched is does not go back, this causes the breast to sag.

     What's even worse is that those sports bras that look like half tops do not offer nearly the support that's needed and that's what most women think is appropriate support for exercise. In addition they found that almost all women were wearing the wrong size bra.

     Many large breasted women opt for reductions because of shoulder and back aches, because their shoulders are bearing the weight of the breast instead of their chest muscles. This again is the result of an ill fitted bra.

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Do We Breast Self Exam Or Not?

     Some health professionals are backing off on encouraging woman to do breast self exams, and they're going even further than that by saying they are not endorsing doctors doing manual breast exams either. I find this suspicious because while they are saying they don't recommend it, they are not saying to stop doing it. What they are saying is if you feel comfortable you can do it, and if you notice any changes you should report it to your doctor.

     This is my take on the rewording of the topic, they say that the reason they are not recommending it is that both woman and doctors are finding lumps and having them biopsied and most of them turn out to be nothing, or benign.
It is also noted by a health professional that 50% to 65% of breast cancers are discovered in this way.

     Ask yourself who stands to lose money by having biopsies done that turn out to be benign? Who would consider those a waste of time and money? How about Insurance Companies? Since about only half of the lumps found end up to be cancerous they've wasted their money by doing the other half that are not. Therefore tough luck if you find a lump, you've got a 50/50 chance of it being nothing.

     Now I could always be wrong, but money is always the bottom line when it's not your breast that has the lump. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Insurance company lobbyists put some kind of pressure on these trusted health organizations, The American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute.

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Bra Find!

I love when I find a store to buy not only a bra that fits, but one that is constructed to be sturdy and strong enough for the job. I found this one on-line at Bra Experience.com. The bra is an Elila, and comes in sizes from 36B to 54G, and only costs $28.00.

Those of you who are large on top know how hard it is to find a great bra that fits, supports, and doesn't leave you broke. This one looks good to me, and the site has many more brands and styles for you to choose from.

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Summer Breasts

Well, here in the great Midwest we are into hot summer days, which means there are no sweaters and coats to hide under. If you've got a good to average figure and young this is great news, but large 50 year old breasts are not something I want to show off, even under clothes. So on behalf of large breasted woman everywhere, I ask you to keep your sounds, comments, and yes, even laughter to yourselves, try to make eye contact when speaking to us, and don't be obvious in your staring.

One more thing as long as we're asking for favors, could you please adjust and scratch yourselves in private and not in the middle of a conversation? As you well know, those kinds of things are hard to ignore.

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