Hold Onto Your Breast Milk For Now

     Now they are asking women who want to donate their breast milk not to because of the lack of clean storage space and the electricity it takes to keep it pure and refrigerated.

     According to the news I read today, they don't see any acceptable way to feed these infants from outside Haiti. They need the refrigeration to keep ready made formula and breast milk cold. Although I've seen plenty of ready made formula that didn't have to be refrigerated till the container was opened. They don't want to use powdered formula because they don't have the pure clean water to mix with it.

     They estimate that 200,00 people were killed. I don't know how many babies they need to feed. Some of these organizations are going by the fact that Haitian kids over the age of one who were being breast fed should continue because it's better than formula. They are probably right, but these are emergency conditions out there, so I would think over one year of age they get them some other form of nutrition.

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Haiti Needs Breast Milk

     It sounds very strange however it's true. The organizations in the US that are for and about breastfeeding are calling for at least 100 oz. donations of breast milk. The plan is to clean it up, and store it so or until it can be shipped to Haiti for all the babies and toddlers who lost their moms in the quake.

     I guess they are against shipping formula because the water is mostly contaminated and the water they are getting must be used for everyone. They don't want to ship over ready made formula because it's not as good as breastmilk is for the children.

     So ladies, get those pumps going, unless you feel the urge to go to Haiti and feed them breast to mouth yourselves like Selma did a while back.

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New Bra Adventure

     Well I do believe I hit on the right cup size, but guessed too small on the other. One more try should get me into the right size bra. What can I say, I'm a woman of few clothes these past couple years since I've gotten sick. It's diabetes and hypothyroidism. In my case both are managable if I take care of myself and take my pills which I haven't been. The point is I expect to lose some weight when I go back on my pills. So I'm not returning this bra. After a couple inches I'm back or rather their back in the saddle again.

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New Bra

     Well, I've yet to hear about anyone coming up with an accurate way to measure large chested women for their bras, so I had to "wing" it. I'm guessing on the cup but there's no way to tell without trying it on. Remember, when you get into your fifties and your large to say the least, they no longer stand at attention, they kind of lay on your tummy and talk to your knees. I'll let you know how it goes when it arrives. Stores normally don't carry anything past a DD so I had to order one from On-line.

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Still Fighting Over Breast Cancer Screenings

     The experts are still fighting over breast cancer screenings and mammograms. One side says they are important and have saved thousands of lives and the other side says they cost women to be treated for cancers which they simply don't have. Of course let's not forget the bottom line in all this is still money.

     When they figure out which is cheaper and for whom it is cheaper then they will direct us towards that advice. What a terrible way to manage finding a disease that has claimed so many lives. What are we to do?

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Breast Updates

     This is just a reminder to pay some attention to your breast health by examining them even if you are a man. Remember that men get breast cancer too. I ran across a story on the news not long ago about a married couple that were both diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time. The wife discovered hers first and the husband was so concered about her that he wanted to know what she felt at first, and there he discovered a lump.

     Their story works out fine, as they were both caught early enoungh for effective treament and are now clear of the disease. Good for them!

Photo by Patrick J. Lynch

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