As some of you may have noticed, I've not been around for a while, but I'm back now and ready for new posts for you !

I've managed to survive the 17 year locusts here, without having one fly into my cleavage. I do suspect one landed on my back for a few seconds while I was trying to get into my car. When I sat down it was so loud I know it was in my car or on me. I hurried and got back out to check myself but it grew silent and when I sat once again I didn't hear anything else.

I drive through six miles of woods to get to work and there were so many the sound was deafening. Some of them were not content to stay where there were and so I had them flying and dive bombing my wind shield. You could hear them hit and they splat a gross mess on the glass!

One day I was wearing my sweat pants which have a long loop that goes through the waistband. I went to the gas station and noticed there were many cicadas around, dead and alive. My plan was to get out of the car and into the station as quick as possible but when I tried to stand up I realized I was stuck on something and couldn't get out. The door was open and my loop from my pants was in between my legs and stuck to something in the car. I couldn't see what I was stuck on because I couldn't see past my breasts.

I was panicked and thinking that I was in a terrible horror movie and would be found dead, tied to my car and covered with the locusts. I calmed down and traced the loop behind me and found the other end wrapped around the seat position lever. I freed myself and got my gas !

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