Ladies, listen up! I have spent a good part of the last thirty years looking at wedding photos for a lab I work for, and I can tell you what looks good and what doesn't. If you are one of those women who must show off her boobs by wearing a tight or low cut dress you better also be one of those women who have boobs that defy gravity.

Now I know that when you are wearing a low cut top and you look down you can see much more than the person who is facing you. This makes me wonder what some of you are thinking because when I am looking at you I can see sometimes 75% of your breast. The problem with that is the top of your breasts are not rounded but appear to be flat. Which means you are either too large to go without major support, or that they have had much wear and tear. Either way a flat breast looks like a deflated balloon and is not attractive.

The second problem is that you are supporting them so they look rounded but are wearing too small a top and what you have is a round breast with attachments hanging over the sides of the top which just makes them look very fatty.

Call me a prude if you want but I would rather look attractive and hide my flat flabby breasts under my clothes.

One more thing, Grandma, please do not go sleeveless !

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