Why Tamoxifen Doesn't Work For All Women

Women who have had breast cancer are often given the drug Tamoxifen to help prevent the return of the cancer, but in as many as 35% of woman the drug fails. Now doctors have found out why.

There is a strong cancer gene that the drug has to be able to turn off. When the gene cannot be turned off the tamoxifen will not work.

It seems to be down to a battle between two proteins and although this information will not help make the drug work better as of yet, it will allow doctors to identify which women it will not work in. This will save time in that doctors can choose other means of therapies. Eventually they may figure out how to use the drug in all women effectively.

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Exercise Can Cut Breast Cancer

Vigorous exercise can cut the risk of breast cancer in normal weight women. Non vigorous exercise has no effect on breast cancer, and vigorous exercise on overweight women has no effect.

Vigorous exercise would be activities such as scrubbing floors, jogging, running, dancing,and biking.

Non vigorous exercise and vigorous exercise on obese women still have their worth for a number of other health reasons, so don't stop doing them. They just won't help with breast cancer risk.

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Baby Time!

  Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting   My daughter had her baby, my first grandchild on October 1st. He was 18 inches long and 5 lbs. 5 oz. She took lots of long walks and ate good foods, her labor only lasted about 5 to 6 hours and the baby was born healthy and whole.

     She was willing to begin breastfeeding in the hospital and later to switch to formula, but it didn't work out, so baby is on just formula, but doing very well.

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Ben, Jerry's, and Peta

     By now I'm sure you all heard that Peta sent a letter to Ben and Jerry's ice cream asking them to start making their ice cream with human breast milk. Ben and Jerry's played along and responded by telling them that human breast milk is best left for human babies.

     I hope no one thought this was serious and that Ben and Jerry's would even consider such a thing. I've got to hand it to Peta though. They really know how to get media attention to themselves and their causes.

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Fashion Tips For the Top Heavy Plus Size Teen

     While you might be the envy of your flat chested friends, you know that being 'busty' isn't automatically a great thing. Having large breasts can be emotionally trying as you try to ignore snide remarks made by members of the opposite sex. And large breasts can be physically trying also. You have trouble getting your clothes to look right. You might even have back and shoulder pain from the weight. So what do you do?

     You need to start with a bra that fits right. The right bra will give you the support you need. It will help relieve some of the pressure on your shoulders and back. It will provide the proper foundation for your clothes. Yes, a good quality bra will not be cheap but it will make an instant change in the way your clothes fit. Try on the bra before buying it. Put your top back on and check yourself in the mirror. You'll know if the bra is right because you'll see an immediate improvement in the way your top fits.
Want, or need, even more support? Look into a sports bra. No, you don't have to be playing sports to wear a sports bra. Today's sports bra provides excellent support in a comfortable and attractive way.
Once you are wearing the right support garment, it is time to go shopping for clothes that will make you feel comfortable about yourself while, at the same time, accentuating the positive.

* Accentuate your breasts in a positive manner. Avoid tops with ruffles and bows which will draw attention to your chest AND make it look larger. Look for tops with scooped necklines and V necklines. These types of tops draw the eye to the neckline and away from your chest.

* Look for shirts that have some stretch material in them. A particular problem for large breasted women are button down shirts which pull and pucker in all the wrong places. With a bit of stretch in the fabric, these shirts will fit better.

* Buy tank tops with a built in bra. And then wear them WITH your bra. Alone these tops do not provide enough support but with your regular bra, they create a much neater appearance.

* Don't try to hide your chest with an oversize shirt. An oversize shirt will give you an oversize look from your shoulder to your hips. You end up with a big top instead of just a big chest.
Remember to think positive about your body. You can read more about making the most of your plus size assets at Fashionable Plus.

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GMA Exclusive Interview With Christina Applegate

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How to Buy a Well Fitting Bra

Finding a bra that is fits well is a simple, but time-consuming task. By following these steps, you should not only be able to find one that fits, but is comfortable as well.

  1. Measure Your Bra Size.
  2. Determine what kind of bra you want. Do you want one that is padded for an extra boost? Or underwire for extra support? What about a sports bra for any athletic activities? Once you have decided what kind of bra or bras you want, you're ready for the next step.
  3. Go to the store. This is something that cannot be done online. Once you know the brand(s) you like, then you can purchase them via the internet, but for now, you'll need to leave the house.
  4. Pick up a variety of bras in your size and pre-determined style and put them in your cart or basket. Don't worry about how much they cost or even the color right now, just toss 'em in. This method will assure you have a number of different brands that you like.
  5. Put one on with the clasp on the loosest fitting. Bras have a tendency to get looser as time goes on due to washing and wearing, so by trying it on this way you'll make sure it will last longer.
  6. Check for the following:
    • Is the band around your chest snug or roomy? You should be able to run your fingers around under the edge of the fabric, but if you can pull it away from your back by more than a couple of inches, it's too loose.
    • Do the underwires or the edges of the cups dig in to your breasts? If your breasts are bulging out of the sides or over the top of the cups, then you need a bigger cup size.
    • Do the straps weigh down on your shoulders? You will most likely need to adjust the shoulder straps, but if you need to make them very tight before the bra feels supportive, the band size is probably too big.
    • Does the middle of the bra sit flat against your chest? The centre gore of the bra, between the cups, should always be firmly against your body. If it is being pushed away from you, then you need a bigger cup size and a smaller back size.
    • Bend over. No, you don't have to touch your toes, but if your breasts are falling out, then the bra doesn't fit. Either the cups are too small, or the band is too big, or both.
    • Put your arms above your head. The bra should neither ride up nor pinch at this point. If the band slips, try a smaller size. If it cuts in, it's too tight.
    • Twist left to right at the waist. Your bra should stay firmly in place and not slip as you move.

  7. Repeat these steps until you have tried on all of the bras. Make sure you keep the ones that fit separate from the ones that don't!
  8. Purchase the bra or bras that make you happy.


  • After you have tried on the bras, chances are you'll have a favorite. Even if you buy only this one (or several in different colors), take notes of the ones that were close but not quite since manufacturers have a tendency to discontinue bras after a time.
  • If you decide to purchase an underwire make sure that there aren't any wires poking out.
  • Remember to try on the bra with the clasp on the loosest fitting NOT the tightest!
  • Never skimp on buying a bra.  If there is one item in your wardrobe that deserves being paid full price for, it's a bra - it has a very important job to do and your posture can be badly affected if it isn't working properly.


  • Be aware that bras may contain materials that you are allergic to which you may not be aware of when you make your purchase. If you experience any swelling (such as hives) or excessive itching, then you may be allergic to nickel or the plastics in the bra. Take note of where the allergic reaction happened and watch out for that material the next time you decide to buy a bra. In the meantime, take some Benadryl, or in extreme cases, get to the emergency room.
from wikiHow




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Cancer Strikes Close To Home

     I called my best friend last week about my mom being in the hospital, and found out that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. We don't talk often so the news came as quite a shock to me. She informed me she was having surgery the next week.

     I waited anxiously to hear how the surgery went, days passed and no word. I wanted to give her space but was very worried inside. I sent her a note with a card and waited.

     Finally she responded. The surgery went very well and tests were done to see if the cancer had spread elsewhere. It hadn't. She said she has to have radiation treatment for the next six months as a precaution but no chemo.

     Now I can relax. By the way, my mom also is better and home today from the hospital.

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Exercise And Correct Bra Size

     Believe it or not, the University of Portsmouth in the UK has a breast biomechanics team and they have been studying the movement of breasts during exercise. As it turns out the breasts move quite a bit in all directions independent of the body, sort of like a figure eight.

     Sports bras, tend to only cut down the vertical movement but not the other directions so the breasts are constantly being pulled and the delicate and important ligaments are being stretched. Your breasts have a main ligament and once it gets stretched is does not go back, this causes the breast to sag.

     What's even worse is that those sports bras that look like half tops do not offer nearly the support that's needed and that's what most women think is appropriate support for exercise. In addition they found that almost all women were wearing the wrong size bra.

     Many large breasted women opt for reductions because of shoulder and back aches, because their shoulders are bearing the weight of the breast instead of their chest muscles. This again is the result of an ill fitted bra.

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Do We Breast Self Exam Or Not?

     Some health professionals are backing off on encouraging woman to do breast self exams, and they're going even further than that by saying they are not endorsing doctors doing manual breast exams either. I find this suspicious because while they are saying they don't recommend it, they are not saying to stop doing it. What they are saying is if you feel comfortable you can do it, and if you notice any changes you should report it to your doctor.

     This is my take on the rewording of the topic, they say that the reason they are not recommending it is that both woman and doctors are finding lumps and having them biopsied and most of them turn out to be nothing, or benign.
It is also noted by a health professional that 50% to 65% of breast cancers are discovered in this way.

     Ask yourself who stands to lose money by having biopsies done that turn out to be benign? Who would consider those a waste of time and money? How about Insurance Companies? Since about only half of the lumps found end up to be cancerous they've wasted their money by doing the other half that are not. Therefore tough luck if you find a lump, you've got a 50/50 chance of it being nothing.

     Now I could always be wrong, but money is always the bottom line when it's not your breast that has the lump. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Insurance company lobbyists put some kind of pressure on these trusted health organizations, The American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute.

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Bra Find!

I love when I find a store to buy not only a bra that fits, but one that is constructed to be sturdy and strong enough for the job. I found this one on-line at Bra Experience.com. The bra is an Elila, and comes in sizes from 36B to 54G, and only costs $28.00.

Those of you who are large on top know how hard it is to find a great bra that fits, supports, and doesn't leave you broke. This one looks good to me, and the site has many more brands and styles for you to choose from.

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Summer Breasts

Well, here in the great Midwest we are into hot summer days, which means there are no sweaters and coats to hide under. If you've got a good to average figure and young this is great news, but large 50 year old breasts are not something I want to show off, even under clothes. So on behalf of large breasted woman everywhere, I ask you to keep your sounds, comments, and yes, even laughter to yourselves, try to make eye contact when speaking to us, and don't be obvious in your staring.

One more thing as long as we're asking for favors, could you please adjust and scratch yourselves in private and not in the middle of a conversation? As you well know, those kinds of things are hard to ignore.

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On May 30th a party for a girl was held at a Latino motorcycle club. An informant told police massive amounts of drugs would be present. The police threw smoke bombs and the party goers began to run for the back door because they didn't know what was going on. The cops rounded them up made them kneel and used plastic handcuffs to bind them.

A woman officer searched the females and pulled up their tops, opened their halters, and pants, and pulled up their skirts, searching breasts and vagina's, all in front of male officers and male party guests. Of the 10 to 15 woman there, at least 5 were searched in this manner, but all of the woman said that the woman cop used the same pair of gloves on each of them.

The police say they had a proper warrant and followed procedure and indeed confiscated contraband. The people say that police had stolen items and did not have a warrant.

Channel Five investigated and the police refused to show them the warrant or any paperwork, saying they would investigate the matter.

Only 2 people were arrested on minor charges, and no one was arrested on drugs or weapons charges. These people have hired a lawyer and are suing the police for 10 million dollars.

There were cameras there but at two points they were pointed towards the ceiling, this is when the alleged strip searches took place.

Why only about 5 out of the 10 to 15 women were searched in this fashion? Could it be that the female officer only searched large breasted women, figuring that the flat chested girls couldn't be hiding anything? Isn't this like breast size profiling? Think about it.

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Breast Care & Wellness

Perhaps there's breast tenderness, pain, an infection, or breast lumps or cysts, there are nutritional and herbal remedies that can give you relief or eliminate the problem altogether. Read on to learn about proven and highly recommended natural remedies for optimal breast health.

For Breast Cysts

Burdock improves lymphatic circulation and reverses abnormal cellular changes. Use 30 drops of tincture three to five times daily. Renowned herbalist, Susun Weed, recommends drinking 1 cup of burdock infusion daily for up to 2 years. This infusion is prepared by adding 8 ounces boiling water to 2 teaspoons burdock root and covering for 4 hours. Strain and drink.

Fatty Acids are recommended and it helps your breast health if you consume 1 to 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil daily.

Sea vegetables contain iodine which helps relieve or prevent fibrocystic breast changes caused by iodine deficiency. Kelp is a favorite which also helps with weight loss.

Poke root infused in organic olive oil and vitamin E massaged to affected areas helps cysts or lumps to dissolve.

Drinking red clover tea affects hormone levels to help decrease breast lumps by softening them. In Breast Cancer? Breast Health!, Weed recommends to drink up to 1 quart of infusion daily. Pour 32 ounces of boiling water over 10 teaspoons of dried red clover flowers; Cover and steep for 15 minutes. Strain and enjoy with honey.

Vitamin E is recommended by many physicians and has been shown to eliminate cysts. This vitamin helps hormones circulate to the breast and softens lumps. The recommended amount to take daily is 400 to 800 international units.

Avoid caffeine.

To Treat Fluctuating Hormones

Take 40 drops vitex tincture in a small amount of water daily or 80 to 240 mg in capsule form for at least 6 months to eliminate benign breast cysts and cyclical breast pain.

Place raw cabbage leaves inside your bra to help stabilize hormone fluctuations.

For Breast Pain

Massage from the chest outward with organic olive oil applying as much pressure as is comfortable.

Use 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and add 8 ounces of boiling water. Drink up to 3 cups daily until symptoms subside.

Take 30 drops of vitex during your menstrual cycle for quick pain relief. Sometimes it takes up to 3 cycles to work.

For Mastitis

Drink 1 to 4 cups of honeysuckle infusion. Prepare by using 2-3 teaspoons of the dried flowers per 8 oz cup of boiling water. Steep for 4 hours. Cool and strain. Lonicera japonica works to eliminate many different pathogens including strep and staph.

Rubbing your breast area with lemon juice helps to prevent infections.

Place raw cabbage leaves in the breast to relieve inflammation, especially helpful when weaning.

For Water Retention and Swelling

Dandelion root is a popular diuretic and can be taken at a dose of 250 to 500 mg capsules three times a day with meals, or follow the directions on the label.

Alfalfa is a great source of phytoestrogens while it also eliminates fluid retention. For the extract take 1/4 teaspoon twice a day or take capsules as recommended on label.

Natural Breast Enhancement

Women are never happy with their figure, and this includes their breasts. Many turn to surgery and spend thousands on unnecessary treatment. If only they knew they could enhance their breasts safely, naturally and inexpensively.

Discover how to Transform Yourself Through Natural Beauty using a secret natural beauty regimen to achieve glowing skin, luxurious hair, slim your waistline, decrease unnecessary stress and let the REAL you shine through! To find out more, visit -Transform Your Beauty

Article Source: Ezine Articles

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Researchers have discovered that women who were low in vitamin D at the time they were diagnosed with breast cancer were 94% more likely to have the breast cancer spread and worsen, and 73% more likely to die from it.

The findings are being considered promising but are far from conclusive. There was a similar study done in 1999 that found no link between the vitamin and the cancer. Doctor's are advising women not to start taking D supplements as a preventative measure until more is known, but there are a few doctors that are testing patients for low levels and putting them on the vitamin.

We get little of this vitamin from the food we eat. The recommended amount is 1000 IU per day. So you can either take the supplement or better yet spend 10 minutes in sunlight. That 10 minutes will give you 12,000 IU's of vitamin D. Too much of D can be toxic and dangerous, and too much sun is bad also. Less than one minute of sunlight will give you your daily dose of the vitamin, and you can get that just going outside to get your mail or walking to your car.

I do have to wonder though, if one minute of sunlight does a body good, then how could so many women be so deficient in vitamin D? I guess this is something we have to wait for another study to determine, or not.

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The British Journal of Sports Medicine studied 62 other studies concerning physical activity in relation to breast cancer.

What they found is while all physical activity cuts risks somewhat there are certain groups of woman that benefit more than others from it.

Women who were postmenopausal and near normal bmi or body mass index, seemed to benefit the most, cutting their risks for breast cancer by 25% to 30%. They also found that recreational activity was more of a benefit than work activity.

They say that more research is needed to determine more definitive results.

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Breastfeeding for infants just starting out is on the rise, in fact more mothers are doing than in the past ten years. Doctors say this is great news but they are disappointed in the fact that the breastfeeding does not continue as long as they would like.

Although it's now up to 77%,the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend that for the first six months the child be fed only breast milk, and after that it should be combined with some baby food till the child turns one year old. The American Academy of Family Physicians and The World Health Organization agree, but would like to see it continue till two years of age.

Now here's the funny part. Even though doctors encourage breastfeeding, they say that usually when the mom is discharged from the hospital she is given a diaper bag with formula in it. They believe that the gift makes moms stop the breastfeeding sooner. The thing that really doesn't make any sense to me is that they claim studies showed that even when the moms are given empty diaper bags they stop breastfeeding.

Does anyone know what one has to do with the other? Or are their studies a bit faulty?

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A new study has found that aspirin taken everyday by women can cut the risk of the most common type of breast cancer by 16%. This type of cancer accounts for nearly 3/4 of all breast cancers.

Studies have been done before to try to link aspirin with a decrease in breast cancers but the problem with those studies is that they grouped all types of breast cancers together. This is the first study in which the cancer have been separated.

The aspirin has to be taken every day as the study found that taking it less often did nothing. Before you run to your medicine cabinet to take an aspirin consult your doctor. Aspirin is not without it's own side affects and some people are a lot more sensitive to it than others.

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An ad for Gladiator was pulled in the UK from a billboard because it featured a woman called Jemma Palmer in her Gladiator costume. Jemma is very well endowed and the billboard was to be put up next to a church.

The vicar complained and the ad was pulled.

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Cynthia Nixon the red-headed star of Sex In The City, has joined with the Susan G. Komen foundation to fight for a cure for breast cancer.

Cynthia now comes forward and tells about her battle with breast cancer two years ago that led to a lumpectomy and weeks of radiation therapy. She also saw her mother fight for her life.

Cynthia says she didn't want to make her disease known to the public while she was going through it because she didn't want the media and cameras in her face at that time.

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Two long term studies were done on women, diet, and breast cancer. Here are their findings.

One study tried to find the link between breast cancer in premenopausal women and the consumption of flavonols found in plant based food. They didn't find any associations with any other types of foods other than lentils and beans.

Women who ate those at least two times a week had 24% less odds in developing breast cancer than women who ate them one time a month or less.

The other study looked at the possible link between breast cancer and the glycemic index. Foods with a higher number in the glycemic index indicate a quick rise in blood sugar. Foods with a lower number give a slow, steady, rise.

No specific link was found, however in postmenopausal women those that had diets high on the glycemic index had an 87% larger risk of breast cancer. With those women that were both overweight and hardly active, the numbers were even higher. In premenopausal women it had a bit of the opposite affect by having a 22% drop in breast cancer with the high glycemic foods.

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18% of women that test positive for the gene that causes breast and ovarian cancer, opt to beat the disease before it can manifest, by having double mastectomies and the ovaries removed.

These women usually have family histories of these horrible cancers and may have even lost mothers and sisters this way. Watching a close relative suffer and die from these cancers is certainly a factor in the decision to have these surgeries.

The breasts can be reconstructed with additional operations and many of the women have waited until they have had their children before having the other organs removed.

It's a very heart breaking choice but these women are choosing life over an almost certain diagnosis of cancer.

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A small study was done on women who experienced 14 or more hot flashes per week due to menopause. They were told to consume 40 grams of flaxseed with their food every day and reported that their hot flashes decreased in frequency by about 50 %. The severity also decreased for a total of 57% improvement.

The important thing to remember is that the study was short lived and involved only a very small group of women, so the evidence is hopeful but not totally proven.

Flaxseed is a superfood and is full of fiber, so some of the woman had stomach problems because they are not used to that much fiber. If you want to start taking flaxseed and you're not used to it, start with small amounts and gradually build up.

Flaxseed should be milled or ground because you don't digest the outer seeds and won't get the benefits of the seeds within. You can sprinkle them on salads, in soups and stews, cereals and drinks. I don't cook or eat without it anymore.

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Women who stopped hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms six years ago still have an increased risk of breast cancer. The risk of heart disease has gone down for them however.

The risk of blood clots and strokes also remain even after all these years. Just stopping the therapy did not help especially with the increased risk of breast cancer. It is suggested that no one should panic but it is recommended that a sharper watch for the breast cancer should be done.

They also saw an increased risk in all types of cancers especially lung cancer.

The hormone replacement therapy is now being used only for a brief time, and only in the smallest doses for post-menopausal women who are experiencing severe symptoms of menopause.

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A Japanese pin up model has had a court decision overturned because of her big breasts.

This model was accused of kicking in this mans door and crawling through a hole into his room to confront his infidelity to her. She was able to successfully argue that her 44 inch breasts were simply too big to enable her to fit through the hole.

Once in a while breasts that size could be an asset and here's an example of them being in the way that turned out to be a good thing.

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The FDA approved treatment of late stage breast cancer by the drug Avastin. Experts have mixed feelings about this decision.

This drug has been used to treat some lung and colon cancers but not breast cancers. Some doctors have given Avastin for breast cancer unofficially which is legal.

This is great news for the drug company that makes Avastin, Genentech. They put pressure on the FDA to approve the drug when only a few months ago the FDA was going to deny it.

Genentech presented their clinical trials as proof the drug can work, but the truth is, it is not affordable and even if a patient can get it, it will not cure the disease. The most it can do is offer hope to those who are dying and desperate and maybe increase their lives a little.

The cost for less than a year of treatment is about $85,000. However if your annual income is less than 100,000 you can qualify for their assistance program. Then you will only have to pay about 55,000.

Genentech stands to make a great deal of money with the market opening up to include breast cancer patients and they have seen their stock shoot up since the announcement.

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Once again we have a breast self exam video for you to watch just because it's so important. The photo above is no joke. Men need to do occasional exams too!

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A study was done on about 90,000 women in Canada to see what links if any led to breast cancer. From over 20 years of data they were able to see something else and that was the link between a woman's bra cup size and the likelihood of her developing diabetes type 2 later in life.

They looked at the cup size at age twenty and saw that women with a D cup were 5 times more likely to develop the disease by about age 45. C cups were 4 times as likely, B cups were 2 times as likely to get diabetes as those with an A cup or less.

They did try to adjust for other factors but are still not sure if the bigger cup size means the woman is overweight. Obesity is a leading link to diabetes.

While many overweight woman might have larger cup sizes than an average woman, I don't believe in general that there is much correlation between cup size and obesity. I have seen many obese women who have small breasts, and many thin woman who are large breasted.

What does all this mean for us women? I'm not sure, but I can tell you I am very large breasted and I did become diabetic at about age 45 or 46.

I just don't know if I'm ready to blame my breasts for my poor eating and health habits.

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Those of us with diabetes know that the odor of our breath could signal trouble, and a couple other diseases also give obvious different and bad odors. Now scientists are developing new and sensitive tests that will be very precise in detecting different cancers and other illnesses. The studies that they have done so far have been very promising.

Think of how simple it would be to just blow into a simple breath collector for a couple minutes and get an accurate diagnosis. We'll see if the cost also reflects this simplicity. If it doesn't maybe we should get our canine friends involved. Just a thought!

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