I just ran across this and it would never have occurred to me otherwise that men with women's breast would have breast reduction surgery, but here's a video to enlighten us.

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Ladies, you know what a pain it is finding a bra to fit. Once you know your right size, you can order on-line. This is just a reminder to check out Bare Necessities. They have a really wide variety of bras for the fuller figure at prices as low as around $22 on up. Click on the link to the left and see all their styles!

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How do you walk down the street with a huge insect in you blouse?
This is a real problem for those who have large breasts. You have more cleavage and during the hot summer it's probably exposed for comforts sake.

Hence my fear of grasshoppers. One good jump from 12 feet away and you can find a new friend investigating your bra from the inside out.

This has happened to me twice. The first time I was riding the bus and felt something crawling on my neck, heading towards the inside of my blouse. Luckily I was able to flick it off before it found a home.

The second time I was walking down the street and a large black bug flew into my cleavage. I wanted to get it out but I was not going to rip my clothes off outside in public. I was freaking out. I started to walk as fast as I could as I was on my way home. I got huge goosebumps and could feel it crawling around in my bra! AArrgghh!

I finally got into my apartment and threw down my purse, unbuttoning my blouse at the same time, almost ripping it off. I ran right to the bathroom and ripped off my bra and top and threw them into to bathtub. I immediately started to do the bugonme dance. You know, arms flailing, jumping up and down and back and forth. I finally stopped and examined myself after a final shake.

I saw the bug in the tub under the top so I could relax. I lifted up the clothes and made sure the bug went down the drain. When it was safe I took a long hot shower.

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