Few women may be aware of this, but the usual mammograms we've been told to get turn out as many as 40% false negatives.

This is way too close to a 50/50 chance that if your mammogram results show no tumors it could be wrong. To me this makes the test next to useless. Don't give up on mammograms though, it seems now they have a way of making 3 dimensional mammograms which because they show the whole inside of the breast, make tumors more visible at an even earlier stage of development.

This is very, very, good news for catching more tumors earlier, which we all know is half the cancer battle.

Do keep in mind that even if your next mammogram is not 3-D you should still go and have it done. Some cancer is caught that way, and some is better than not checking at all.

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It has always been known that African women have a more aggressive type of breast cancer and do worse with treatment than do their white counterparts.

It was thought that this was due to the fact that black women were poorer and more likely not to have insurance or access to proper care. These issues are still a factor but new studies suggest that the cancer itself is worse starting out even if economics is not an issue.

More research is needed focusing on the black woman so that the biology of the tumors could be better understood which we hope would lead to different and better treatment for women of color suffering and dying from this disease.

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CPR may be getting a new technique. This would involve pushing on the persons abdomen instead of the chest, which does not have a high rate of survival.

This new way is better because pushing on the abdomen makes blood circulate through the heart better and forces air out at the same time, so you won't need the standard mouth to mouth we've always been taught. You won't have to worry about breaking ribs if you press too hard, or being ineffective if you press too lightly. It could actually save more lives than the old way of giving CPR. See article.

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The reports out of England say that woman there are bigger breasted today than in past generations. The good news about that is that bra sellers and makers are starting to market larger sizes, up to a J cup in some cases.

What I wonder is whether the breasts alone are increasing in size, or are woman just getting bigger all over and the breasts are following suit. That seems the more likely to me and if that's true it certainly is nothing to cheer about.

The big question is if woman loose the weight will the breasts shrink back to normal or remain overly large?

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Aside from the obvious complications there are other things that can happen as a result of breast surgery.

I just read two articles from two different woman and their experiences with implants and reductions.

In a nutshell this is what they said.

The first woman had very large breast and wanted them to be smaller. She went from a DDD to a B. One thing you have to understand about having large breasts is that they make your whole body look heavy. Even if you are thin everywhere else, your clothes stick out with the large chest and hang over the rest of you. No one can see the thin waist or flat stomach if that's what you have. It's almost like you look like you're wearing maternity clothes.

Any way this woman was so motivated because of her new smaller breasts she dieted and lost weight so the rest of her body would match. What happened was that when she shed the pounds she also lost breast tissue and they looked deflated, terrible. Her only solution was to get implants to fill them out again, which she did and is loving her body right now.

It just seems strange to get a reduction and then implants. Maybe she should have just lost the weight first and seen what the results on the breasts would be.

Woman number two had always been flat chested and she finally decided to get implants. She was happy with them until scar tissue formed and made the breasts painful and hard. If she massaged them on a regular basis they would get soft again and stay that way for a little while. There came a point where that didn't work anymore and she finally just had them taken out.

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A study has been done to try to determine why breast sag. The conclusion is that breastfeeding does not cause sagging breasts, however they think that the pregnancy itself has a lot to do with it.
They say that during pregnancy the breasts get bigger and never get back to their original shape and size afterward, and probably the more pregnancies you have, the worse the sagging will get.

Of course there are other factors that contribute to the sagging and that would include aging and weight fluctuations .

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Well, one young woman sure took her job seriously. She works at Hooters and had her job foremost on her mind, which is usually a good thing. That is unless you go to work on a 90 degree day and leave your 17 month old son in the back car seat for the seven to eight hour shift you are working. Furthermore having tinted windows in the car so no one passing by could see the little boy dying was even more unbelievable, and yes her son died in that oven of a car.

So no mother of the year award here, instead she has been arrested and charged.

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