There is a drug called Tamoxifen which is used to treat breast cancer. Doctors have discovered that some women have a gene which causes this breast cancer drug not to work.

They can do a test to determine if you have the gene for about 500 dollars, or you can tell by taking this drug and not experiencing bad side effects. The problem is, they believe that the side effects show that the drug is being activated by the body and working. If the drug is not working you would experience no side effects.

An even bigger problem is the fact that for this drug to be effective it must be taken for a period of five years. Women who are taking it and who have bad side effects are the women the drug is working on, but they tend to stop taking it after about three and a half years because of the side effects. The women who continue to take it because they are not having bad side effects are the women the drug is not working on.

The side effects are nausea, hot flashes, and night sweats. Doctors think this information can help them in the future know what treatments are right for certain people and wrong for others.

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It has been discovered that woman who have had lumpectomies and are injected with stem cells are happy with the results of the cosmetic surgery.

First as you know a lumpectomy is a surgery where the cancerous tumor and surrounding tissue are removed from the breast. This leaves the breast misshapen. In the past surgeons have used the patients own fat tissue to try to fill in what was removed, but some of these fat cells would die and leave a crater anyway.

What doctors are doing now is injecting the breast with the woman's own stem cells. It is thought that the stem cells are creating blood flow into the processed fat that is put in the tumors place, and keeping it alive and healthy. See article.

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