There is a drug called Tamoxifen which is used to treat breast cancer. Doctors have discovered that some women have a gene which causes this breast cancer drug not to work.

They can do a test to determine if you have the gene for about 500 dollars, or you can tell by taking this drug and not experiencing bad side effects. The problem is, they believe that the side effects show that the drug is being activated by the body and working. If the drug is not working you would experience no side effects.

An even bigger problem is the fact that for this drug to be effective it must be taken for a period of five years. Women who are taking it and who have bad side effects are the women the drug is working on, but they tend to stop taking it after about three and a half years because of the side effects. The women who continue to take it because they are not having bad side effects are the women the drug is not working on.

The side effects are nausea, hot flashes, and night sweats. Doctors think this information can help them in the future know what treatments are right for certain people and wrong for others.

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It has been discovered that woman who have had lumpectomies and are injected with stem cells are happy with the results of the cosmetic surgery.

First as you know a lumpectomy is a surgery where the cancerous tumor and surrounding tissue are removed from the breast. This leaves the breast misshapen. In the past surgeons have used the patients own fat tissue to try to fill in what was removed, but some of these fat cells would die and leave a crater anyway.

What doctors are doing now is injecting the breast with the woman's own stem cells. It is thought that the stem cells are creating blood flow into the processed fat that is put in the tumors place, and keeping it alive and healthy. See article.

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Few women may be aware of this, but the usual mammograms we've been told to get turn out as many as 40% false negatives.

This is way too close to a 50/50 chance that if your mammogram results show no tumors it could be wrong. To me this makes the test next to useless. Don't give up on mammograms though, it seems now they have a way of making 3 dimensional mammograms which because they show the whole inside of the breast, make tumors more visible at an even earlier stage of development.

This is very, very, good news for catching more tumors earlier, which we all know is half the cancer battle.

Do keep in mind that even if your next mammogram is not 3-D you should still go and have it done. Some cancer is caught that way, and some is better than not checking at all.

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It has always been known that African women have a more aggressive type of breast cancer and do worse with treatment than do their white counterparts.

It was thought that this was due to the fact that black women were poorer and more likely not to have insurance or access to proper care. These issues are still a factor but new studies suggest that the cancer itself is worse starting out even if economics is not an issue.

More research is needed focusing on the black woman so that the biology of the tumors could be better understood which we hope would lead to different and better treatment for women of color suffering and dying from this disease.

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CPR may be getting a new technique. This would involve pushing on the persons abdomen instead of the chest, which does not have a high rate of survival.

This new way is better because pushing on the abdomen makes blood circulate through the heart better and forces air out at the same time, so you won't need the standard mouth to mouth we've always been taught. You won't have to worry about breaking ribs if you press too hard, or being ineffective if you press too lightly. It could actually save more lives than the old way of giving CPR. See article.

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The reports out of England say that woman there are bigger breasted today than in past generations. The good news about that is that bra sellers and makers are starting to market larger sizes, up to a J cup in some cases.

What I wonder is whether the breasts alone are increasing in size, or are woman just getting bigger all over and the breasts are following suit. That seems the more likely to me and if that's true it certainly is nothing to cheer about.

The big question is if woman loose the weight will the breasts shrink back to normal or remain overly large?

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Aside from the obvious complications there are other things that can happen as a result of breast surgery.

I just read two articles from two different woman and their experiences with implants and reductions.

In a nutshell this is what they said.

The first woman had very large breast and wanted them to be smaller. She went from a DDD to a B. One thing you have to understand about having large breasts is that they make your whole body look heavy. Even if you are thin everywhere else, your clothes stick out with the large chest and hang over the rest of you. No one can see the thin waist or flat stomach if that's what you have. It's almost like you look like you're wearing maternity clothes.

Any way this woman was so motivated because of her new smaller breasts she dieted and lost weight so the rest of her body would match. What happened was that when she shed the pounds she also lost breast tissue and they looked deflated, terrible. Her only solution was to get implants to fill them out again, which she did and is loving her body right now.

It just seems strange to get a reduction and then implants. Maybe she should have just lost the weight first and seen what the results on the breasts would be.

Woman number two had always been flat chested and she finally decided to get implants. She was happy with them until scar tissue formed and made the breasts painful and hard. If she massaged them on a regular basis they would get soft again and stay that way for a little while. There came a point where that didn't work anymore and she finally just had them taken out.

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A study has been done to try to determine why breast sag. The conclusion is that breastfeeding does not cause sagging breasts, however they think that the pregnancy itself has a lot to do with it.
They say that during pregnancy the breasts get bigger and never get back to their original shape and size afterward, and probably the more pregnancies you have, the worse the sagging will get.

Of course there are other factors that contribute to the sagging and that would include aging and weight fluctuations .

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Well, one young woman sure took her job seriously. She works at Hooters and had her job foremost on her mind, which is usually a good thing. That is unless you go to work on a 90 degree day and leave your 17 month old son in the back car seat for the seven to eight hour shift you are working. Furthermore having tinted windows in the car so no one passing by could see the little boy dying was even more unbelievable, and yes her son died in that oven of a car.

So no mother of the year award here, instead she has been arrested and charged.

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I walked into a store the other day and caught one clerk saying to another "check this out", while pointing at me. They both laughed and when I looked they tried to hide it.

I admit it bothered me a little, like an itch you can't quite reach. Maybe I'm just used to such rude behavior from people, which in itself is a shame. I don't dwell on it usually and let it just roll off my back, but I want to tell you of one instance where I didn't.

For some reason on this particular day, years ago, I was feeling down and a bit vulnerable. I lived in an apartment complex and had new neighbors moving in next door. I happened to be going to my car in the parking lot and a woman and two men were standing at a moving van, taking a break and looking in my direction.

As I got close to them one said something to the other two in a different language and they all looked at me and busted out laughing. I'm sure they thought they were in the clear because I couldn't understand them, but you know when you are being talked about.

I felt so humiliated and hurt, especially because I was going to approach them and say hello and welcome. I turned around, walked back to my apartment and began sobbing uncontrollably. I was hysterical and went and sat on my closet floor because I didn't want my family to see me in such a state.

Now obviously I realize I was feeling bad to begin with, but that was the straw that broke the camels back. I felt so worthless and stupid. I cried for an hour or so till I got it all out, and went on with my life.

I am not a freak. I am not the object of your jokes. I know that there will always be people you don't like, or are different enough to grab your attention, but for god sakes you don't have to make it obvious, and you don't have to be rude. Think about that next time you are in a similar situation. Even freaks have feelings.

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I came upon this really great article from a woman doctor that talks about the stages that our breasts go through on their way down. It's a witty piece but more than that it points out that it is a subject not talked about.

I believe that because so much connection is made between a woman and her breasts, it is simple unthinkable to talk about the fact that in her late thirties and early forties, she can expect that the balloons are deflating. More than that they are on their way to disappearing almost completely.

Women with small breasts to begin with are the most bothered by this, but in the end, all any of us will be left with are folds of hollow skin with nipples.

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A woman had a suspicious growth in her breast and had a biopsy done. The lab who did the biopsy reported that the woman had breast cancer. Her doctor determined that based on the information the biopsy provided, she needed to have a double mastectomy to save her life.

After surgery she was told that she didn't have cancer and never did. They believe the mix up occurred because the sample from the biopsy was mislabeled by the lab technician who was handling more than one sample at a time.

To make the situation worse there is also a woman out there who had this aggressive form of breast cancer and may not have been told in time.

People don't usually have second biopsies, however if the results of a biopsy are going to cause you to loose a part of your body, maybe a second biopsy would seem in order. I for one after hearing this story, would insist on it.

The woman is suing the lab and I hope she gets every penny she's asking for.

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study has discovered that most women are very misinformed about breast cancer. They say that many believe it comes from genetics and that eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables will protect them from getting it. Women still think that the best way of finding it are breast self exams, and mammograms.

They say breast cancer not only needs awareness, but also better education and more research.

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Girls as young as fifteen are asking for and getting breast implants for their birthdays, graduations, and Christmases. To make matters worse it's their parents who are buying the implants for them.

I can understand a young woman who is very flat chested wanting to have some kind of breasts, but a child? Who's to say they won't grow more in the next couple of years?

There just seems to be something wrong with cosmetic surgery on one so young, unless there are special or extreme circumstances. If the teen feels that bad about themselves, maybe they would be better served if mom and dad would pay for some therapy or counseling, at least until the age of eighteen or so.

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Gynecomastia is a condition where men's breasts swell and can become tender. Nearly half of all men will experience this some time in their lives to varying degrees. It occurs because of an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone , when the estrogen levels go up so do the breast tissues.

This occurs mainly during puberty and middle to old age. Sometimes it's so mild as to not be noticeable which is a good thing for you guys. When it occurs in puberty it usually goes away itself within a few months. Medications can cause it and other medications and surgery can treat it if it becomes bothersome.

Remember also that men are not exempt from getting breast cancer. Breast cancer does not discriminate between sexes or sizes. Check for lumps on a regular basis to be safe and check with your doctor if you should find anything new or out of the ordinary.

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I have just read an article (written by a man), on whether breast size matters. His answer was yes it does to the single man. However he points out that men that are not single usually find a woman with not so large breasts and the mans attitude changes. He says that those men say the only thing that matters is if you love the woman or not. He then goes on to say that those same men when single again maintain that the larger the better, and compares the importance of size to a woman wanting men that are more endowed.

There is a certain amount of logic to what he writes, but I can't help but think of "Bob" from those TV commercials and it just gives me the creeps. So to all of you I ask, does size matter?

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This may be a bit off topic for this blog but I've just been noticing, and maybe I'm the last to know about this new fashion trend, that wedding guests, bridesmaids, and even the bride herself, are going bare legged.

Personally I agree that everyone has the right to dress the way they are the most comfortable, but at the same time a wedding usually is a very formal affair. I can't think of anything less formal than not wearing hose or nylons of some kind. I mean we're not talking about going to the beach or a picnic outdoors.

My husband thinks I'm being a prude, but these brides spend hundreds even thousands on the rest of the apparel and they won't put on nylons? What's next, no panties? Never mind, I don't even want to know.

I see hundreds of thousands of wedding photos at my job every year and I can tell you a leg with hose is far more attractive than a bare one. No one wants to see your nubs and razor bumps on one of the most important days in your life. Maybe I'm just getting old and set in my ways. Oh well, to each his own!

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The Mayo Clinic estimates that about 70% of all women have or will experience breast pain at some time in their lives.

Some breast pain is associated with a woman's cycle, or some obvious injury or trauma. Other types of breast pain can really originate in the muscle wall and just radiate to the breast.

If you have any breast pain that you feel is unexplained and is causing you concern, you should see your doctor. It could be nothing, or it could be a simple cyst, or may be something more serious.

Don't put the visit off and put your mind at ease. If it is something serious you can catch it early and get whatever treatment is appropriate.

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If you're looking for a bra on-line why not try Cups Intimates? This is one of my shops and we carry a large selection of sports bras from the best companies. We have regular bras also and hope to carry more in the near future.

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I found this article on a site called News

It says a link was found between a high fat diet and breast cancer risk. Two points to keep in mind, the first is that they found it didn't matter what kind of fat it was, and second there is a question about whether it may not be the fat at all, that it could be some of the chemical preservatives that is put in meat. The article is worth the read.

High-fat Diet Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk

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I have yet to find a way of measuring yourself for a properly fitted bra for the large breasted woman who is wearing the wrong size.

The directions are all the same no matter where you look. They instruct you to measure the rib cage just below the breast, and then measure the fullest part of the breast, which would be OK except for GRAVITY!

If mine stood straight out in front at attention this would be not problem, but how can you measure the fullest part wearing an ill fitted bra that doesn't support and breasts that hang down to your waist.

I guess it's easier to pretend woman shaped like us just don't exist when they are giving these incomplete and idiotic directions.

For the time being, I guess we just have to try them on, or leave them hanging!

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I would just like to remind everyone, yes even you men, to examine your breasts for lumps. Many don't do it because they don't know what they're looking for.

That is why you should do frequent exams. You will get to know what they normally feel like , then if and when you should develop a lump you will be able to recognize it as not being there before.

Breast cancer is deadly, but can be treated, and sometimes cured. As you've heard many times before catching it early is the key. Good luck to you!

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You thought Japan was only good at electronics? These cookies are supposedly being sold in Japan as an alternative to breast enlargement surgery. Need I say more?

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Nearly four million prepubescent girls in Cameroon undergo a body modification called breast ironing by their mothers and other female family members.

This is done by heating rocks or whatever else they have and beating or smashing the little girls developing breasts down in an attempt to get rid of the breasts. It is done because it is believed that it will prevent the girl from getting raped or marrying too young, and yes it is extremely painful and may lead to many health problems concerning the breasts.

I find this so disgusting that I am afraid to comment further for fear I offend anyone with my language and viewpoint on what should be done to stop this torture.

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Now that summer is going full steam with the heat,ill fitted bras and large breasts can be very uncomfortable. You sweat under your breasts and you may be suffering from heat rashes. It may sound funny but it can be very painful.

...ill fitted bras and very large breasts can be really uncomfortable...

The best thing to do is to bathe or shower at least once a day and after you've dried off apply a medicated body powder to keep the area dry and cool.

I tried some and it wasn't even a major brand I used, but as soon as I applied it WOW !

It felt tingly and cool. It was wonderful! So if you don't have any buy some soon and try it for yourself, you'll be glad you did and your chest and breasts will thank you !

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As some of you may have noticed, I've not been around for a while, but I'm back now and ready for new posts for you !

I've managed to survive the 17 year locusts here, without having one fly into my cleavage. I do suspect one landed on my back for a few seconds while I was trying to get into my car. When I sat down it was so loud I know it was in my car or on me. I hurried and got back out to check myself but it grew silent and when I sat once again I didn't hear anything else.

I drive through six miles of woods to get to work and there were so many the sound was deafening. Some of them were not content to stay where there were and so I had them flying and dive bombing my wind shield. You could hear them hit and they splat a gross mess on the glass!

One day I was wearing my sweat pants which have a long loop that goes through the waistband. I went to the gas station and noticed there were many cicadas around, dead and alive. My plan was to get out of the car and into the station as quick as possible but when I tried to stand up I realized I was stuck on something and couldn't get out. The door was open and my loop from my pants was in between my legs and stuck to something in the car. I couldn't see what I was stuck on because I couldn't see past my breasts.

I was panicked and thinking that I was in a terrible horror movie and would be found dead, tied to my car and covered with the locusts. I calmed down and traced the loop behind me and found the other end wrapped around the seat position lever. I freed myself and got my gas !

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To my large breasted friends, the cicadas are here!Watch your cleavage. Cicadas are like very ugly grasshoppers, they jump and a big cleavage would be just the place they could land in. So if you see a woman screaming and acting strangly. This could be the reason!

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Ladies, listen up! I have spent a good part of the last thirty years looking at wedding photos for a lab I work for, and I can tell you what looks good and what doesn't. If you are one of those women who must show off her boobs by wearing a tight or low cut dress you better also be one of those women who have boobs that defy gravity.

Now I know that when you are wearing a low cut top and you look down you can see much more than the person who is facing you. This makes me wonder what some of you are thinking because when I am looking at you I can see sometimes 75% of your breast. The problem with that is the top of your breasts are not rounded but appear to be flat. Which means you are either too large to go without major support, or that they have had much wear and tear. Either way a flat breast looks like a deflated balloon and is not attractive.

The second problem is that you are supporting them so they look rounded but are wearing too small a top and what you have is a round breast with attachments hanging over the sides of the top which just makes them look very fatty.

Call me a prude if you want but I would rather look attractive and hide my flat flabby breasts under my clothes.

One more thing, Grandma, please do not go sleeveless !

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You may have heard of people having third nipples. You may even have one, they are not uncommon from what I understand. They usually grow along the milk line and they say there have been cases of having them on the back, chest, neck, and even the face.

This one is most unusual, in fact they say it's the first nipple found on a foot. The girl who sports this oddity is 22 years old and says she's had it since birth. My question is how she walked on it for 22 years. Ever have your nipple stepped on? I would think it would be very painful.

To each his own.

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If your hubby or boyfriend has a sweet tooth, you may want to check my new store Kmils Fun Shop.

In my clothes section I sell candy bra's. Now, ladies there isn't much to them as far as support or coverage, but that is the point isn't it? It's not meant to be worn as an undergarment, but to be used for giggles between you and yours.

While you're there please check out the other sections and merchandise. I've got over 500 items including books, magazines, home decor, pajamas, t-shirts, and kitchen items. just to name a few.

So if you're looking to buy something, or just want to browse, please visit Kmils Fun Shop !

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You know you a large breasted when you can plop one on your bathroom scale and weigh it. This is a rather silly post I realize, but those of you who are over endowed must admit, you have done this at least once just to see if you could. I would venture to guess further that it was not your idea either. I am sure we are thrilled that our husbands and boyfriends love our bodies, but when it comes to large breasts it almost gets to be a pissing contest.
When I was pregnant with my second child my cup size was an H. I do not mind telling you that because my husband was so proud he already told everyone to my embarrassment.
What is it with men and size?

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I just ran across this and it would never have occurred to me otherwise that men with women's breast would have breast reduction surgery, but here's a video to enlighten us.

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Ladies, you know what a pain it is finding a bra to fit. Once you know your right size, you can order on-line. This is just a reminder to check out Bare Necessities. They have a really wide variety of bras for the fuller figure at prices as low as around $22 on up. Click on the link to the left and see all their styles!

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How do you walk down the street with a huge insect in you blouse?
This is a real problem for those who have large breasts. You have more cleavage and during the hot summer it's probably exposed for comforts sake.

Hence my fear of grasshoppers. One good jump from 12 feet away and you can find a new friend investigating your bra from the inside out.

This has happened to me twice. The first time I was riding the bus and felt something crawling on my neck, heading towards the inside of my blouse. Luckily I was able to flick it off before it found a home.

The second time I was walking down the street and a large black bug flew into my cleavage. I wanted to get it out but I was not going to rip my clothes off outside in public. I was freaking out. I started to walk as fast as I could as I was on my way home. I got huge goosebumps and could feel it crawling around in my bra! AArrgghh!

I finally got into my apartment and threw down my purse, unbuttoning my blouse at the same time, almost ripping it off. I ran right to the bathroom and ripped off my bra and top and threw them into to bathtub. I immediately started to do the bugonme dance. You know, arms flailing, jumping up and down and back and forth. I finally stopped and examined myself after a final shake.

I saw the bug in the tub under the top so I could relax. I lifted up the clothes and made sure the bug went down the drain. When it was safe I took a long hot shower.

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My husband and I had planned a romantic overnight stay at a motel with a jacuzzi and wet bar in a suite they used for romantic purposes. Having two small kids and never going out I was determined to make this night memorable and enjoyable for the both of us.

I was never one for sexy outfits although my husband was all for them, so I wanted to get one to please him, but I also wanted to be comfortable and confident in it myself. So I bought this tight, sexy, black camisole type thing and I wanted to try it on and see how I looked in it. The problem was the only mirror we had was the regular sized one on the door of the bathroom medicine cabinet above the sink.

I don't know why I thought I could get away with this, but, I locked myself in the bathroom, put the costume on and climbed up on the edge of the bathtub, put one hand on the shower pole, and leaned over to look in the mirror. I barely caught a glimpse before my foot slipped off the tub and I landed on the sink, pulling it away from the bathroom wall, and disconnecting the water pipe.

Now the sink was partially still on the wall so here I was in an outfit I didn't even want my husband to see me in, holding the sink up with one hand and trying to put a robe on with the other while getting drenched with water from the spaying pipe.

I somehow managed to cover myself up, hold the sink, and unlock the door where my husband was standing on the other side trying to find out what all the noise was. He had to spend the rest of that day repairing the injured bathroom.

I left that damn outfit at home, but I did make the overnight trip worth while.

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The bra that I wear during the day is not the most comfortable garment that I have, so when I get home and ready for bed or relaxation, I take it off and replace it with a very comfortable sports bra.

Sports bras offer limited support for fuller figures if you're up and about, however they are just the thing in my opinion for relaxing or sleeping. You don't want to wear anything too tight, yet some support at night is suggested.

Look through the ads on my Squidoo site and you will find additional bra styles and in the right sizes for you.

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