Ladies, those of us with large breasts should be more alert when it comes to breast cancer than our counterparts.

First, when I was pregnant my doctor told me that because of my size it would be very likely that one day in the future I would or could develop lumps. He was not referring to cancer, but the point is if I know I have the kind of breast that will develop lumps I should be made more aware that if I think it's a lump I feel it most likely is. That also the next step should be right to the doctor.

The second thing, is that when you are large, and in warmer climates you may develop some kind of heat rashes under the breasts. These may not be heat rashes. It may be Inflammatory Breast Cancer. If for whatever reason you do not powder and shower in hot weather as often as you should, and you develop what you think could be some kind of bug bites. It may not be bug bites, but Inflammatory Breast Cancer.



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Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Ladies, please watch this video. I had never heard of this, but it's something we all need to know.

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Good luck trying to hide big breasts. If you do decide to try this, just buy a couple minimizer bras. Those will usually reduce your cup appearance by one cup size.

Do not try to bind them tightly to your body. This could result in developing breast lumps and other problems associated with heat rashes and the build up of bacteria.

There are a lot of women who don't mind having large breasts and showing them off. Great for them! I know there are others like me who don't care for that kind of attention from anyone other than their mates. In that case we're just kind of stuck. Try to pick out styles that are loose fitting on top rather than tight. You may even have to get two different sizes if you are buying an outfit.
Try clothes on and wear what you feel most comfortable in.

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I am not a doctor. If you have questions about possible lumps in the breasts it's best to check with your doctor.

I do however have breasts and more than my share. I shy away from self exams because when I try I feel so many different things. From what I understand the key is to feel for changes in the breast tissue. So if I am understanding right the more you do self exams the better, because it gives you the knowledge of what your breasts normally feel like, and if you should develop changes you will be able to catch them right away. This video should help a bit.

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Most styles look great on a thin to average figure, but we who are overly blessed do not look good in all styles. However, we continue to see many women who insist on wearing what they see as timely rather than what they look good in.

Sometimes it's not even a matter of looking good, often times they look really bad. When you try to squeeze into a top that's too small or some kind of a halter top, what you get is blobs of fat and flesh hanging out of places that should never be. It makes the woman look ridiculous, not stylish, and believe me the woman herself is the only one who doesn't see it.

Try your clothes on before you buy them, give yourself an honest look in the mirror. If you decide it doesn't bother you to be hanging out all over, then buy it, but if you want to look good, try something a bit more size and style appropriate.

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For those of you who are thin and have average sized figures, jogging and running aren't a problem. However when you are larger and have large breasts, running and jogging are painful. The truth is , is that large breasts are very heavy and it takes a bra of steel to hold them in place when you are bouncing from running. It sounds very funny and I can laugh at myself, but the problem doubles when you are overweight, because your butt also gets heavy and when you jump up and down your butt and breast are just slamming down. It's funny but it is also very painful. I tried to jog in place holding my chest with my arms crossed, but the butt started to hurt.

My suggestion is to get some firm undergarments for exercising, and to choose alternate forms of exercise don't have to run or jog, instead you can take a brisk walk, you can also climb a couple flights of stairs every so often. Where there's a will, there's a way!

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We tend to forget that men have breasts also, and heavy men can have some of the problems that we experience with large breasts. I would even venture to say that they may suffer more social embarrassment, because of them.

There are also many men who suffer from breast cancer, just as women do, and that is just as tragic for them as it is for us. Those men don't actually have to have large breasts. Cancer is an equal opportunity disease. The point here is that everyone should check for lumps periodically to be on the safe side.

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Bras of a larger size can often be a lot more expensive that your average size. Just like the rest of the economy underwear seems to go up in price.

A company called Monex has pointed out to me however, that it's not so much the prices of the products that have gone up, but rather the value of the paper dollar. A long time ago it used to be that real money was backed be real gold, silver, and platinum. Today paper money is becoming worth less and less. Monex has suggested that buying real precious metals is a valuable asset for investors. Contact Monex to help you to buy gold bars, or any other precious metal. They are experts and can help select the right item for you!

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Just a reminder that once you have found your correct bra size, don't be afraid to order one from a catalogue or the Internet. This gives you the convenience of staying home to make your purchases as well as allowing you a 24/7 window of availability. The most important reason is that there are very few stores at your local mall where you will find the size you are looking for.

This is one of the reasons we have credit cards. You can return merchandise and dispute charges if necessary. Credit cards are a must for today's world, in fact many hotel and car companies won't rent to you without the addition of a major credit card. Chase Visa and Mastercards make it easy for you to do a credit card check to make sure you get the best deals.

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Everyone attending a wedding, from the bride to a guest, wants to look their very best. That means a well fitting dress or gown. Girls who are larger on top than on the bottom have a difficult time fitting in a standard size dress off the rack. The answer to custom fitted gowns are to either have them made just for you or employ someone who can do alterations.

I had my wedding gown custom made for me and after the first fitting a couple months before the wedding day, I decided to shed some extra pounds. The weight loss was successful and the next fitting I went to proved it. After my dressmaker measured me she started to laugh saying that I had lost inches everywhere except my chest. I didn't find it so amusing however, because even though I had lost the weight I still looked very top heavy, and ill proportioned.

You can wear a minimizer bra, and look for styles that do not highlight the chest area, but even then, that will only take off an inch or two. If you are standing up to a wedding make sure that one of the considerations in selecting a bridesmaids gown is chest size. You want all the girls to look good on that special day.

If it's your wedding or you are standing up to the wedding, you probably will need some help with favors. The Knot Wedding Shop has a huge selection of Personalized Wedding Favors and hundreds of great ideas.

If you are working on wedding favors try to make sure that you match the colors of the table linens and the overall color scheme of the wedding. A great idea for personalized favors is to combine place cards and favors. You can have picture frames with the guests names and table numbers, or give out Christmas ornaments for a seasonal wedding.

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While most people prefer warm or hot weather to cold, it can be uncomfortable for those of us who are well endowed. Just like a baby who gets a diaper rash from wearing a wet diaper for too long, a woman who has large breasts can experience a type of heat rash under the breasts from sweat.

The rash is red and can be painful when you are wearing an ill fitting bra and the breasts rest against the sensitive skin underneath. The good news is that it can be avoided and cured with constant proper care. That includes keeping the area clean. On really hot days when you are prone to sweat more take an extra shower, make sure the area is dry, and then use a powder to help keep the area dry.

You would think a warm climate like Hawaii would be equally a problem, but if you are vacationing there, you probably would spend most of your time in a bathing suit and in the water.

I also tend to think you might be a little less noticeable since there would also be many others walking the beaches and resorts scantily clad.

Gebhart Properties has just launched a new website featuring their best
Hawaii Vacation Rentals . These homes are very luxurious, have plenty of baths, and living space. They feature the very best and most comfortable furniture and expensive artwork in the area, and have scenery's to die for. One resort is located only thirty feet from the ocean.!

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This topic is something I'm sure all woman can relate too, no matter what their measurements are. You are talking to a man and you both begin the conversation looking at each others eyes, but soon and to varying degrees, the males eyes wander down to your breasts.
Some men recover themselves instantly and therefore only have their eyes on your breast for a moment, hoping that you didn't notice, and they may only do it a couple times during the conversation. Other men soon after it's begun, spend most of the talk with their eyes on your chest. That's when I know I've lost them, the conversation is useless and he is not hearing me. In fact I no longer exist, he is talking to the breasts.
While some women may enjoy this, I know I speak for a lot of us girls who hate it and are very uncomfortable in that siuation. Men should know, that we know where they are looking, and that it makes us feel exposed, dumb, and insulted.
You could be a rock scientist, brain surgeon, or a stock trader. It doesn't matter. Some idiots will just see you as a pair of boobs no matter what.

Talking about stock traders, thought I would pass this article along to you, cause if you're just going to be a pair of boobs, you might as well be a wealthy pair.

It's all well and fine to play the stock market, especially if you are lucky enough to have invested in some of the larger companies. The problem comes in though, that these companies, instead of paying out, tend to use their money to either further invest, or keep it for a rainy day. So you've got the stocks and you'd like the cash, but how do you do this if the companies won't or seldom pay dividends.

There is a way and it's called options trading. A company called PowerOptions, has a packet of technology available that contains everything you need to know about call options and trading. They supply educational materials, data you will need for the trading, and most important customer support, toll free.

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