The FDA approved treatment of late stage breast cancer by the drug Avastin. Experts have mixed feelings about this decision.

This drug has been used to treat some lung and colon cancers but not breast cancers. Some doctors have given Avastin for breast cancer unofficially which is legal.

This is great news for the drug company that makes Avastin, Genentech. They put pressure on the FDA to approve the drug when only a few months ago the FDA was going to deny it.

Genentech presented their clinical trials as proof the drug can work, but the truth is, it is not affordable and even if a patient can get it, it will not cure the disease. The most it can do is offer hope to those who are dying and desperate and maybe increase their lives a little.

The cost for less than a year of treatment is about $85,000. However if your annual income is less than 100,000 you can qualify for their assistance program. Then you will only have to pay about 55,000.

Genentech stands to make a great deal of money with the market opening up to include breast cancer patients and they have seen their stock shoot up since the announcement.

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Once again we have a breast self exam video for you to watch just because it's so important. The photo above is no joke. Men need to do occasional exams too!

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A study was done on about 90,000 women in Canada to see what links if any led to breast cancer. From over 20 years of data they were able to see something else and that was the link between a woman's bra cup size and the likelihood of her developing diabetes type 2 later in life.

They looked at the cup size at age twenty and saw that women with a D cup were 5 times more likely to develop the disease by about age 45. C cups were 4 times as likely, B cups were 2 times as likely to get diabetes as those with an A cup or less.

They did try to adjust for other factors but are still not sure if the bigger cup size means the woman is overweight. Obesity is a leading link to diabetes.

While many overweight woman might have larger cup sizes than an average woman, I don't believe in general that there is much correlation between cup size and obesity. I have seen many obese women who have small breasts, and many thin woman who are large breasted.

What does all this mean for us women? I'm not sure, but I can tell you I am very large breasted and I did become diabetic at about age 45 or 46.

I just don't know if I'm ready to blame my breasts for my poor eating and health habits.

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