I have no problem with low necklines showing some cleavage if that's what you are comfortable in, and I'm not a religious fanatic. However I would like to give young brides something to think about.

I am in the position to see a lot of brides every year, and the styles these last few years have been revealingly low cut. I find this to be in poor taste for two reasons.

First, anyone who wears low-cut is asking for attention to that area. Shouldn't your wedding day at least be the one day you need or want attention of that kind only from that one important man? If it's important for you to have everyone stare at your cleavage on the day you wed, that's in poor taste but still acceptable.

Second, however is walking down a church isle with your boobs bouncing out of your gown. That, to me is not only in poor taste, but it's low class and very tacky.

There is an easy solution. I have seen some beautiful floor length lace jackets , that when worn over the wedding gown , actually look like part of the dress, but are easily taken off when you leave the church. Consider what I've said and then do what you feel most comfortable doing. Just my own 2 cents!

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If you are large on top, then no doubt you've got stains on the tops of your shirts, sweaters, and dresses. Either that or you've got some very heavy napkins.
For this reason I believe it's best to shy away from dry clean only clothes. ASAP, after you eat the garment in question should be pretreated or soaked until it can be washed. Otherwise, all your clothes will have stains in the middle of your chest, and people will just think you're a slob.

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Looks are important to everyone to some extent and I'm sure some of you are curious as to what I look like in relationto what I blog about here. I would say I fall short of getting a job as a circus freak because of my size, but big enough to have experienced all the negative parts. Right now , because of ill health and love of food I am looking more like a well endowed penguin complete with the waddle. In fact that is my favorite animal , and If I was an animal in a previous life I believe penguin would describe me to a tee.
First because of the waddle, second because penguins are friendly and social animals, and third because they make people laugh. So let's leave it at that, yes I need to lose weight, but at least people are not just staring at my breasts these days.

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