Insulin and Breast Cancer

     A study that was done in China of over 5000 women found that women who had higher levels of circulating insulin that were also postmenopasual had a much higher incidence of breast cancer. Many of these women were thin and not obese, suggesting that weight has nothing to do with it. Thin women in fact had more incidence of breast cancer because thin women tend to have more insulin than overweight women.

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Large Breast Measurements

     I am still looking for a way to measure for a large size bra. I still maintain when you a very large breasted you can't measure for a bra the same way smaller breasted women do.

     I was thinking maybe it would have to be a mold like a bowl and put the breast in it for cup size, otherwise the breast hangs and flattens out somewhat giving a false cupsize. Any ideas?

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Video of Salma Hayek Breastfeeding a Hungry Infant In Africa

     I was a little taken aback at first on this story, however after realizing we are talking about a hungry infant who must be breastfed because of being so poor as to not afford formula, and whose mother for some reason cannot produce any milk.

     Salma has a one year old daughter and is in the process of weaning her daughter from the breast. She still has plenty of milk and felt sorry for the hungry infant who was one week old, born on her daughters first birthday. Here's the video,

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Facebook and Breastfeeding, Yes Again

     So Facebook has decided to pull breastfeeding photos from their site. I say good for them! I certainly have nothing against breastfeeding. However, I find it disgusting that a large majority of breeder feeders insist on doing it in public.

     Instead of being called mothers for breastfeeding they should be called mothers for breastfeeding for show.

     You know sometimes a mom can't help but stop at the mall or somewhere and have to breastfeed. Babies get hungry and you can't always plan the exact time that will happen. If you make them wait they will scream and wail until you do feed them. I got that. What I don't get is why some moms expose themselves without any kind of modesty for everyone to see. In fact I will go so far as to say they do it more for the attention rather than the health of the baby.

     Ladies aside from the health standpoint, it's a bonding moment between the mother and child. It does not require nor ask for an audience of strangers. In fact I think that takes away from the true beauty of the experience, but then I'm not an exibitionist.

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