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I found this article on a site called News

It says a link was found between a high fat diet and breast cancer risk. Two points to keep in mind, the first is that they found it didn't matter what kind of fat it was, and second there is a question about whether it may not be the fat at all, that it could be some of the chemical preservatives that is put in meat. The article is worth the read.

High-fat Diet Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk

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I have yet to find a way of measuring yourself for a properly fitted bra for the large breasted woman who is wearing the wrong size.

The directions are all the same no matter where you look. They instruct you to measure the rib cage just below the breast, and then measure the fullest part of the breast, which would be OK except for GRAVITY!

If mine stood straight out in front at attention this would be not problem, but how can you measure the fullest part wearing an ill fitted bra that doesn't support and breasts that hang down to your waist.

I guess it's easier to pretend woman shaped like us just don't exist when they are giving these incomplete and idiotic directions.

For the time being, I guess we just have to try them on, or leave them hanging!

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I would just like to remind everyone, yes even you men, to examine your breasts for lumps. Many don't do it because they don't know what they're looking for.

That is why you should do frequent exams. You will get to know what they normally feel like , then if and when you should develop a lump you will be able to recognize it as not being there before.

Breast cancer is deadly, but can be treated, and sometimes cured. As you've heard many times before catching it early is the key. Good luck to you!

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You thought Japan was only good at electronics? These cookies are supposedly being sold in Japan as an alternative to breast enlargement surgery. Need I say more?

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Nearly four million prepubescent girls in Cameroon undergo a body modification called breast ironing by their mothers and other female family members.

This is done by heating rocks or whatever else they have and beating or smashing the little girls developing breasts down in an attempt to get rid of the breasts. It is done because it is believed that it will prevent the girl from getting raped or marrying too young, and yes it is extremely painful and may lead to many health problems concerning the breasts.

I find this so disgusting that I am afraid to comment further for fear I offend anyone with my language and viewpoint on what should be done to stop this torture.

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Now that summer is going full steam with the heat,ill fitted bras and large breasts can be very uncomfortable. You sweat under your breasts and you may be suffering from heat rashes. It may sound funny but it can be very painful.

...ill fitted bras and very large breasts can be really uncomfortable...

The best thing to do is to bathe or shower at least once a day and after you've dried off apply a medicated body powder to keep the area dry and cool.

I tried some and it wasn't even a major brand I used, but as soon as I applied it WOW !

It felt tingly and cool. It was wonderful! So if you don't have any buy some soon and try it for yourself, you'll be glad you did and your chest and breasts will thank you !

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